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Call Rigger for Android Blocks Unwanted Calls

Tony Hannides May 22, 2012 0

call rigger

What happens when a collection call or bill collector rings your cell phone? You either hang up, ignore, yell at the phone or all of the above. What if there was a way to trick these collectors? Introducing Call Rigger for Android. Built by Iconosys, Call Rigger is the collection agency’s list favorite app. The app will start to recognize either ‘Uknown,’ ‘Private Number’ or some strange 10 digit number as a potential collection call. The app will ask you if you’d like to launch it or not. Once launched (or Rigged), you then play a pre-recorded message like “Cannot Be Completed as Dialed” or “Number is For Outgoing Only.” Here’s the key: YOU MUST BE 110% QUIET. These recordings need to be heard from the phone’s speakers all the way to its microphone.

This is one of those, “Great idea” apps. Although I think it would be fun to use with friends as a prank, this might actually help stop a few calls going your way. Click here to download!