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Can Apple Users Tell The Difference Between The iPhone 4S and iPhone 5?

Radford C. Sep 14, 2012 1

People Tricked Thinking iPhone 4S is iPhone 5

That’s the question Late Night host Jimmy Kimmel hoped to get answered. So the Late Night staff took to the streets and actually showed an iPhone 4S to actual Apple users and told them it’s the new iPhone 5 and began to  separate the wheat from the chaff.

Whether the true Apple fan boys would have caught on to the trick immediately, is uncertain, but these poor victims of a prank on the street couldn’t distinguish an iPhone 4S from an iPhone 5 when asked to comment on the new product.

While some of the people they interviewed were excusably unaware what any iPhone looks like, there were some real Apple users who already own the iPhone 4S. One iPhone 4S owner actually held both phones on each hand and proclaimed improvement of the “iPhone 5” unaware that it was actually the same phone.

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