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Canibus Pulls Out A Notepad In FreeStyle Rap Battle With Dizaster (Full Video)

Sean W. Jun 10, 2012 0

Not much tech here as this is more funny.  In a freestyle rap battle, Canibus does the forbidden and pulls out a notepad in a rap battle.  His competitor, Dizaster, just demolishes him and his crew verbally before Canibus pulls out his lyrics.  He even took quite a while to read through them while he needed to spit them.

Here is the full battle, Canibus’s first run, Dizasters response, then the arrival of the notepad, which is around 38:00 minutes in this video if you want to see the embarrassing part.  The entire video is NSFW and the beginning has a lady dancing sexually “YouTube style” so skip 1:30 to get to the actual battle.

Update: The whole video been pulled down so here is the part of interest.  Still embarrassing though it doesn’t have the parts where Dizaster rips up Canibus to cause him to pull out his notepad.