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Can’t Afford a MacBook? Buy This iPad Case!

Tony Hannides Apr 13, 2012 0

iPad macbook case

There have been many times I’ve considered getting rid of my laptop and using my iPad 2 for everything. And why not? There’s an app for everything. Most sites have converted over to HTML5 and I have Microsoft Word, Excel and Powerpoint replacements via Quick Office and OnLive Desktop. But I want a Macbook; I can’t afford one. But I can turn my iPad 2 into one with this new case.

The iPad Mini Notebook Case originally was only available in Japan but now you can get it online through in the US. Essentially, the case changes you iPad 2 into a Mac Notebook. At a quick glance, no one would know you’re using an iPad 2 instead of a real Macbook. There’s no multi-touch mouse, you use the touchscreen. But the keyboard buttons look similar to a real Macbook, has a high capacity battery and a bluetooth connection. The case can even charge the iPad 2!

ipad notebook case 2

For the next few days, you can find the case for only $88 here; normal price is $106. I don’t believe the keys light up like a real Macbook but if you don’t like feeling left out in a sea of Mac users in college, here’s your deal of the day!

Via »iPhoneAlley