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Celebrate the Holidays with a Google+ Hangout with Wallace and Gromit

Tony Hannides Dec 18, 2012 0

Google is at it again with another upgrade to their Google+ service. This time, using Hangouts with your family has become that much easier and loads more fun. Honestly, how many of your family members use Google+ and/or Hangouts? Maybe very few. However, if you want to send them all a live “Happy Holidays” greeting, head over to It is a this point you select who you want in the Hangout. Your family will be sent a short film starring stop animation stars Wallace and Gromit. Below is their promo video for the new service.

You get to pick the date and time. There are even new holiday themed effects to play with! Fun for everyone! Unfortunately, it won’t work with the Google+ apps so you’ll have to be on a computer to use this new Hangout.