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Celemony Capstan 1.1 Update Adds Key Feature And Software Rentals

Sean W. Apr 11, 2012 0

Celemony Capstan Pack Shot

Celemony, makers of Melodyne, have released an update for their Capstan program.  This new update makes it far easier to remove wow and flutter on multiple files and adds the ability for users to rent the program for five days for a fee.

Capstan 1.1 can copy a wow and flutter template from any mono or stereo file to other files.  This way, if someone is restoring an album that has the same consistant ant problem across multiple songs, they can get the task done more rapidly.

The update also add the ability to rent the program for 5 days for $200.  It’s a timed authorization that works with the iLok key.  This is far less than the $5,000 retail price the software goes for currently and is a deal for those who need it for just one session that will take only a couple days to complete.

Wow and Flutter are the terms for fluctuations in the sound in older recording mediums before digital.  Wow refers to the pitch variations and flutter refers to amplitude and phase variations.  Both would happen over time on many older recording medium like tapes.  Capstan uses Celomony’s Direct Note Access technology to fix audio files with these problems present allowing the restoration of recordings long thought to be lost.

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