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Change Your Style To Feel Like A Racer: Sony Has Opened The Gran Turismo Boutique

Sean W. Apr 6, 2011 2

GT Apparel 9 T-Shirt

Polyphony Digital have just opened the Gran Turismo boutique.  This boutique will let fans of the PS3 Racer dress themselves in the latest Gran Turismo clothing. We’re not talking tattoo shirts or plain shirts with a big GT5 logo on the front, we’re talking plain white t-shirts with a small tag in the corner.


There are currently five products available.  This includes short and long sleeve shirts, a water resistant windbreaker, a track jacket and a endurance jacket.  The cost of these items range from $25 to $200.

GT Apparel 3 Endurance

Endurance Jacket

These items were designed by ‘musterbrand’, a design group that is based on bringing digital content to the real world.  “Gran Turismo is one of the most exciting brands in digital entertainment with a huge and loyal fan base. We are delighted to be working with Sony Computer Entertainment America and Target Entertainment Group on this project – and look forward to bringing the GT clothing experience to millions of Gran Turismo players” said Knut Jochen Bergel, CEO and President of musterbrand.

Here is the official quote from Sony’s website that made me laugh, just a fantastic use of adjectives in describing the clothing line.

Gran Turismo is renowned for cutting-edge graphics, smooth style and sleek lines. These principles are woven into every stitch of the custom designed, officially licensed GT apparel. With clean, simple design, steely monochrome colors and small GT flourishes, plus high-performance fabrics, the stylish GT collection embodies the essence of Gran Turismo and its marriage of performance and style.

That part is written so well.  I mean seriously, whomever wrote that should have a raise.

GT Apparel 1 Track Jacket

Track Jacket

GT Apparel 2 Long Sleeve Shirt

Long Sleeve Shirt

GT Apparel 4 Water Resistant Windbreaker

Water Resistant Windbreaker

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