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ChargeCard: A Wallet-Sized USB Charger for Your iPhone or Android

Tony Hannides Jul 26, 2012 1


Let’s face it, as good as our phone battery might claim, most of them can’t keep a charge throughout the day. Instead of buying more wall/car chargers or extended batteries, the average person on the go should take a look at this new Kickstarter project called ChargeCard. Most of us hate carrying around a USB charge for our phones because they’re long and can get tangled. However, if something could fit into a wallet or pocketbook (for you ladies) and still has a sexy and sleek look to it, that’s something we might be intrigued to buy.

The ChargeCard is the slimmest charger and data cable available for the iPhone and Android. Actually, it’s as thick as 3 business cards stacked together. It can be plugged into TVs, laptops, cable boxes, electric keyboards and many other devices that accept a USB plug. And if you were concerned about it working with a case, the ChargeCard team tried it with an OtterBox case and it still worked. They haven’t posted any photos of the Android/Blackberry microUSB version but it should be the same concept.

Currently, the project is fully funded but they still have 30 days left. If you are lucky enough to get one of the early bird specials (like I was), you could get your own ChargeCard for only $18 (msrp at $25) either for Android and iPhone. It comes in 3 different colors: black, white and teal on brown.

chargecard colors

Check out their project here and support Noah and his team.