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Chinese Military FPS Game targets U.S. troops

Radford C. May 17, 2011 0

Now before you start storming back to a gaming session of Homefront or Call of Duty after reading this headline, let’s look a little deeper on how this Chinese first person shooter came about.

For decades, China has copied many of its military systems from foreign-made originals. It’s a hallmark of a fast-growing power just finding its footing in the high-tech world. The setting is anything but harmonious, but the game itself looks pretty well made. Graphics definitely on par with at least the COD series, and it seems to be more a combined-arms military shooter styled after Operation Flashpoint. Like its American counterpart, introduced as a recruiting tool in 2002, Glorious Mission begins with simulated basic training before deploying the player to an imaginary battleground to duke it out in close-quarters combat. News reports show scores of Chinese troops dutifully gaming away in front of their computer screens. What’s more interesting yet entertaining is the direct translation of the Chinese site QQ attemping to detail the gameplay of “Glorious Mission” which includes features like rich flavor of fighting.

QQ’s translated description of Glorious Mission (features in bold)

Read review relevant departments and the headquarters of the software industry experts believe that the game battlefield environment is complex, tactical thinking and flexible, rich flavor of the fighting, full of military features, expanded simulation training space and channels; by means of information for the relying on novelty seeking men meet in the new period music features, is conducive to mental and physical education officers and soldiers in the game, by wisdom, strong quality, help to create a positive camp culture; adhere to the entertaining, and combine training in music, Apartments known in the music, so imperceptibly by the officers and men infected by the influence, a deep grasp of the core values “‹”‹of the contemporary revolution in military meaning and essence of the political character of good temper, fighting spirit and mental quality, and enhance military accomplishment, with a strong overall sexual function and practical value, innovative thinking and political work is to actively explore ways and means of extensive military training, accelerate the transformation of the mode of generating combat a useful attempt. Trial over the rank and file of the game reflected the game looks very cordial, very interesting fight and play together very quickly, did not think the military made “‹”‹the game have done so vivid and operational process of the game, tactics, command and password so professional, as a user-friendly military materials.

According to reports, the research and development unit will be based on existing software to further enrich the game improved, gradually increase the branches of the military elements, and better reflect the information operations, systems and other modern military concept of operations to meet the needs of officers and men of learning and culture and entertainment, make this game more with the times, close to life, and innovative. Improved game software units issued on trial.

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