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Cisco says goodbye to the Flip Camcorder as well as 550 employees

Radford C. Apr 12, 2011 0

Flip Ultra HD - Dead

We saw this coming. When Cisco mentioned that they were concentrating on the enterprise market, you knew they were going to do something. What didn’t seem clear was the overall shutdown of Flip. Cisco acquired Flip back in 2009 for a reported $590 and while it would seem more obvious to sell the company outright, its longtime campaign to build a consumer brand has largely failed. The move comes after Chief Executive John Chambers conceded in a memo last week that the company had suffered a lapse in getting Cisco an updated identity. Now they plan to go back to their roots instead.

Update: So I can across a post titled A Few Notes On Acquisitions (Money Talks) by Dave Zatz. In the article, Zatz chats with Wired reporter Priya Ganapati on Twitter over the shutdown as opposed to the sale. It’s an interesting perspective on the shutdown of Flip as opposed to the sale of the company.

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