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Classic Van Halen and NIN Oberheim Synth Available For Nord Keyboard Owners

Sean W. Nov 14, 2011 0


Nord continues to add a lot of support in the way of sounds to the owners of their flagship keyboards, the Electro 3, the Stage 2 and the Wave.  After the recently released organs, Nord now adds the Oberhiem OB-8, a rare synth that has made it’s way onto classic songs.

Most notable song using the OB-8 is Prince’s 1999.  Other artists who’ve used it are Nine Inch Nails, The Police, Van Halen and Depeche Mode.

As with other Nord packs, these are free so jump over to their site and grab the goodies.

Here is a video of a guy running through a real OB-8 and I’m sure you’ll hear quite a few sounds from popular songs, like Jump.