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Conan O Brien Does Voiceover for Halo 4

Radford C. Apr 19, 2012 0

Halo 4 developer 343 Industries turns the infamous talk show host into one of Halo’s feared space marine crate loaders. Last time Conan ever did voice work (unofficially) was an ill-fated gnome in Kingdoms of Amalur. In a sketch, O’Brien teams up with another voice actor to take up the roles of two marines at the hanger hoping to get some action as Master Chief walks by to his next mission briefing. Prior to jumping in the voice booths,  Executive Producer Frank O’Connor talks to Conan about his new character as O’ Brien also responds with feedback and critique of his own.

The sketch contains quite a few memorable bits, including an irreverent sneak peek at some Halo 4 footage.

After you’re done watching that, here are some behind the scenes videos of the skit that were exclusive to the Team Coco website:

Via »TeamCoco