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Confirmed: A Black Samsung Galaxy S III Will Be Coming to Market

Tony Hannides Aug 13, 2012 1

Well that didn’t take too long. It wasn’t more than 24 hours ago that we first heard about the possibility of a black Samsung Galaxy S III. Initially, it was an added phone to Carphone Warehouse’s inventory list. Then people thought Samsung leaked the phone on their Facebook page but it was just a blue phone with bad lighting. But today, another UK retailer called MobileFun has confirmed that not only is the black Galaxy S III real, shipment will start in 4 to 6 weeks and will cost £499.95; that’s $784.72.There’s really nothing new about this phone other than color so don’t go crazy; if you got the blue version and wanted a black one, get a case. There’s also no word on whether the phone’s coming to the US any time soon but here’s hoping.

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