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Create Beat Mashups With This New Music Mashup Software

Sean W. Feb 16, 2012 0

Mashup Software Laptop

If you’ve ever got the itch to mashup a couple beats together then here’s a new software that will easily allow you to do so.  The software is called Mashup, appropriately, and will allow you to blend a pair of songs together, keep them matched while trying to keep the interface easy to understand.

The Mashup software will help beatmatch the songs together and offer a percentage to show how compatible different songs are.  Overall tempo can be changed and the volume of the two mixes can be adjusted independently.  A three band EQ is also available on each song to make the editing a little bit more versatile.   Lastly, the files can be exported so you can show all your friends how fresh you are.  No, show your friends how dope you are.  There we go.

The software is available for Mac and PCs and only cost $40.

Mashup software Screenshot