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Creative towel pixelates all of your naughty pics automatically

Radford C. May 23, 2012 0

If you’re expecting to find the “Censorship Towel” in stores, forget about it. You’ll still have to do your pixelate filters in Photoshop.  The design concept was created by the Carmichael Collective, an ongoing project from Carmichael Lynch, a creative company based in Minneapolis, MN.


Photo Credit: Carmichael Collective

Although you could probably make your own by driving down to your nearest Hancock Fabrics store and cut up a bunch of color swatches for fat pixels to match your skin tones and spend some time with your sewing machine. Then again, we’re just too damn lazy. And if you have a sewing machine, we’re guessing it’s there for your Star Wars patches. Maybe the marketing team at the Carmichael Collective could approach ThinkGeek and push it our their e-store.

Via »Carmichael Collective