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CrowdCall for Android and iOS: Conference Call App

Tony Hannides Mar 29, 2012 1
crowdcall android screenshot

Image Courtesy of CrowdCall

How many times have you been on the go and needed to call multiple people at the same time? Most cell phones allow you to talk to 2 people simultaneously, but what if you need more? Sure, you can sign up for a free conference call number, but there’s got to be something easier than that; there is.

Folks, check out CrowdCall for Android and iOS. Simply put, the originator of the conference/group call downloads the free app, specifies what numbers (up to 20) they want in the call and it will automatically connect you to those participants. Not only do the other users NOT have to download the app, they don’t even have to be in the United States! This app will work with numbers worldwide! Plus, the call is free to participants and only the originator is charged local minutes. The service itself is not over VoIP but instead uses true landlines,

We use regular phone lines not VoIP connections to the phone. VoIP apps on 3G suck, the quality of the service is horrible. We use regular carrier lines up to our servers, that means the highest possible quality call and connections to all devices that are reachable with a phone number.

crowdcall ios screenshot

Image Courtesy of CrowdCall

So on paper, the app sounds amazing. What do users think? Like anything else, it’s a divided topic. Some users understand that getting what you pay for won’t get you perfection every time. Others have no patience for innovation. Nevertheless, since it’s free to download and free to use, you might as well give it a shot.

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