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Crysis 2 DirectX Comparison (DX11 vs. DX9)

Radford C. Jun 27, 2011 3

You have to see this in motion. Impressive.

Alright PC folks, the time is here. The patch and texture pack is out and Crytek has put together an upgrade trailer showing the vast differences between DirectX9 and DirectX11. Additionally, we have also included a video that was posted by a PC gamer running a GeForce 500 series card showing off the new features included with the new patch. At least graphically, this is the patch that will separate the PCs version of Crysis 2 from their console counterparts. The patch will allow the PC version to change each graphic feature individually such as lighting, instead of one single setting.

Upgrade Trailer

Here is Crysis 2 running the new DX11 at Ultra Settings at the resolution 1920×1080 (fullscreen of course with no VSync).

Adjustable graphic settings include Object, Particles, Post Processing, Shading, Shadows, Water, Motion Blur and the all important High Res Textures. If you’ve been holding off on the PC version until this patch came out, time to pick up the game.

  • Kmensforth1990

    The 2nd video is on a console? how can it be in dx11 >.>

    • Radford Castro

      The 2nd video is definitely not a console. See graphic setting in beginning of video.

    • Radford C.

      Go to 1:03. It's PC dude.