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Crysis 2 is the most pirated game says TorrentFreak

Radford C. Jan 4, 2012 0
Patch using DirectX11 features on Crysis 2

DX11: The way it was meant to be played.

The highly acclaimed and commercially successful shooter Crysis 2 is 2011′s most pirated game which is close to 4 million downloads, according to TorrentFreak.

Crytek’s sequel was illegally downloaded a whopping 3,920,000 times along with these follow ups:

  1. See above
  2. Activison’s Modern Warfare 3 (3,650,000)
  3. Battlefield 3 (3,510,000)
  4. FIFA 12 (3,390,000)
  5. Portal 2 (3,240,000)
  6. Super Mario Galaxy 2 (1,280,000)
  7. Gears of War 3 (890,000)
Basically no console is safe. The Playstation also has their share with Modern Warfare 3 taking that piece of the pie with Sony hardcore fans.

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