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Cubase 6 Trial Demo is Ready For Download

Sean W. Mar 7, 2011 0

Cubase 6 UI Shots

Anyone who is interested in trying out Cubase 6, this is the moment you’ve been waiting for.  Steinberg has just released a full functioning trial version of Cubase 6 that will work for 30 days.  Full functioning means all the instruments, the effects as well as any sounds that come included.

The thing is, it requires the Steinberg USB e-Licenser to use on any computer.  This e-Licenser has also be commonly referred to as a hardware dongle.   If you use any older version of Cubase, then you would be in possession of one of these already.  But if you’re fresh and ready to step into the Cubase world, this will be a bit of a road  block.  The dongle can be purchased on their online store for $28.

Steinberg, please let this be the last product that you’re using a proprietary dongle for piracy protection.  With the iLok company performing a similar service for a variety of companies like Digidesign, Celemony and Antares, why not make life a bit more convenient for potential customers.   Also, software equivalents are available like Codemeter which is used by Sold-State-Logic that work just as well.

The trial version can be used only once per dongle.

If you have the Steinberg dongle already or willing to drop $28 for one to try a free trial version of a $500 program, then you should check this out.

Cubase 6 Trial Version