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CUBEDGE brings Bluetooth 3.0 to EDGE.sound Speakers

Radford C. Jul 6, 2012 0

EDGE_Sound Bluethooth Speaker

EDGE.sound, introduced back in May, has gotten an upgrade to Bluetooth 3.0. The new upgrade will allow a faster connection at approximately 24 Mbit per second versus the EDGE.sound’s older Bluetooth specification which breaks at 3 Mbit per second.

Essentially, the new spec allows for a higher quality of sound with a wider bandwidth of data and longer distances. The EDGE.sound BT speaker competes directly with the Aliph Jawbone Jambox, Logitech’s Wireless Boombox and a few others. However, the new specs for EDGE.sound now stands alone with Bluetooth 3.0.

Although the Kickstarter Project has ended, the EDGE.sound speakers can still be pre-ordered directly at the CubeEdge site for $149.

Via »CubeEdge