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DirecTV’s Sunday NFL Ticket announced for PS3

Radford C. Aug 18, 2011 0

NFL Sunday Ticket

Hockey, Baseball and now Football is setup for the PS3. Similar to MLB.TV, PS3 owners now have the ability to catch any football game they want, streamed live through their console. According to the PlayStation Blog, Sony announced a partnership with DirecTV to offer the popular NFL Sunday Ticket service, allowing fans of their favorite teams to watch games outside of their local televised schedules.

Assuming you don’t have the DirectTV service, the subscription costs $339.95 and an additional $50 to stream it to your console all at the start of the season. This includes up to 14 NFL games every Sunday in HD as well as DirectTV’s Red Zone Channel. The other option is to sign up for DirecTV and get NFL Sunday Ticket for free, but then you’d have a bulky satellite dish to deal with. However, you’ll still have to pay the $50 to turn the PS3 into a streaming receiver for Sunday Ticket.

Lastly,  DirecTV’s director of public relations Robert Mercer mentioned that NFL Sunday Ticket will “at least for this season” be exclusive to PS3. “We just want to work with a single partner this time around to give everyone a great experience,” he concluded.

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