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Disney’s Appmates make you think twice about letting your kids play with the iPad

Radford C. Sep 27, 2011 0

Disney AppmatesAs if playing toys on the table isn’t enough, Disney has decided to turn the iPad into an interactive racing mat for kids toys based on the Cars franchise. Why? Because they can.

“We are bringing Disney characters to life,” Decrem said. “Our vision was to take the Disney presence and apply it to the AppStore in a way that creates magical moments.”

From Venturebeat:

The physical part is a toy, like the Mater character pictured at right. You place the toy on top of the iPad and press down. The iPad recognizes that Mater is on top of it and then you can push down to move around on the virtual environment of the iPad app. You can then race other virtual cars and smash into virtual objects by turning the toy in different directions as it sits on top of the touchscreen of an iPad. It creates a kind of 3D illusion.


Video Demonstration:

It is kind of neat though. So, if you happen to have an iPad, great. If you don’t, you now have an excuse to buy an iPad for both you and your kid – a $500 excuse. Don’t forget the cost of the toys and app too. Have fun.

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