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Dolby Digital Plus audio codec built-in for Windows 8

Radford C. May 5, 2012 0


Dolby has announced that Dolby Digital Plus stereo will be built into all Windows 8 computers. Microsoft will build support for the codec (Enhanced AC-3) which will enable 5.1-channel surround sound in desktop and Metro-style apps on both X86 and ARM devices. It will be included on the full OS lineup, including Windows 8, Windows 8 Pro, or Windows RT. Tablet based home theater PC? Sounds good to me.

This assures that Windows 8 can be ready as a HTPC. In prior Windows versions (Vista, Windows 7), Dolby was included after both operating systems went into production.  So what about licensing? What happens to audio-based peripherals for PC that want to use Dolby Digital? All Things D notes that OEMs will have to pay Dolby directly in order to use the codec, a fee that is higher for computers with an optical disc drive.

Via »All Things D