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Dragon Quest X Sells 220K Units in First Week, Trailer and Gameplay Video Included

Lou R.A. Aug 10, 2012 0

Dragon-Quest-X-Box-ShotDragon Quest X has failed to follow the footsteps of its high-grossing predecessors, selling just 420,000 units since its release on  August 2nd.

The first online MMORPG game and numbered entry for Wii on the Dragon Quest franchise, DQ X sold just 420,311 units in its first week of sale.

According to and Enterbrain, DQ X faded in comparison to the sales achieved attained by its predecessors with Dragon Quest IX on DS (2,353,440 units, July 2009) and Dragon Quest VIII on PS2 (2,237,000 units, 2004) both breaching the 2 million units sold mark.

Although both titles were released on Saturdays (two days more compared to DQ X’s four days), the game remains to be a disappointment by the franchise standard.

Nevertheless, Square Enix expected sales to be meager for online MMORPG – like Final Fantasy XI – but these games tend to be more profitable due to the income gained from usage fees and the variety of expansion releases.

Below is the video of Dragon Quest X trailer and gameplay provided by NintendoBros. Here is some footage of the Dragon Quest Livestream event in Japan that happened on September 5, 2011.

Square Enix Livestream DQX Trailer and Battle Gameplay

Video Gameplay and Feature Sets

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