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Dragon’s Lair to appear on XBL with Kinect support

Radford C. Mar 22, 2012 1

The arcade classic Dragon’s Lair is coming to Xbox LIVE Arcade. Now before anything thinks that there will be a ton of body flailing, you can still play it with your controllers at the comfort of your couch. So, you can expect a bunch of hoping around in certain spots of your living room some ducking and possibly a few karate chops here and there to mimic some swordplay. All that’s missing is the game doing some recording to capture some of the most intense moments in the game. It’ll be interesting to see how they can translate the swinging parts on Kinect. Will we be seeing YouTube clips of people jumping off chaises and coffee tables? Can’t wait. Check out the gallery after the break.


Via »Joystiq

  • Sean Wilburn

    I think a DVD remote would work better than Kinect for that game.  The moves have to be made suddenly, and occasionally, three or so moves must be made in rapid succession, I think someone might still be in the air from the last jump when the next move needs to be made. 

    I want to see Cliff Hanger Arcade to be controlled with Kinect, that will be a major Fail.