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DROP Gaming Metal Arcade Sticks Wants To Dropkick Competition

Radford C. Aug 17, 2012 0

Drop International is jumping on the bandwagon of pro-arcade joysticks. Two sets of Arcade Sticks are available and are created for the XBox 360 (BlueWolf) and Playstation 3 (FireDragon).

The sticks are designed for gamers and make use of Metal casing and Sanwa parts to build the high-level fighting sticks,” says Drop CEO Eric Hsieh. “Every gamer who jumps into fighting games has to own the best equipment in gameplay, especially when it comes to reaction time.”

The arcade sticks look attractive and make use of Sanwa sticks and buttons – you know, the ones you twirl around the knob all cupped in your hand. I usually do this and look over my own shoulders after kicking someone’s ass in Street Fighter – usually some 12-year-old.

In any case, check out the specs and the gallery.


Heavy Body made from All METAL using:
‧Ergonomic design create the best comfortable playing
‧SANWA JLF-TP-8YP Joystick (Spec’d to eSport Pro Game)
‧SANWA OBSF-30 (eSport Pro Game)
‧Carbon Joystick using
‧Rapid Stick Replace Hole (RSRH) : Easy-to-Change any compatible joystick
‧Support for PS3/Xbox 360 Button
‧Player Order Indicated LED