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Drum Programming With Native Instruments Maschine Goes Mikro

Sean W. Sep 27, 2011 3

Native Instruments has just made that dream drum programming that us poor folks who missed the MPC era even more accessible by taking the popular drum system Maschine and making it a bit smaller.  Native Instruments introduces the Maschine Mikro.

Maschine Mikro is similar to the Maschine system.  It comes with the same software found in the Machine but a new smaller controller pad system.  It is still bus powered with the same pads that are pressed for triggering sounds though the controller has one slightly larger screen vs the two on the original Maschine.  There are also less rotary knobs found on the controller.  The software and the collection of sound are the same in both the flagship Maschine and the new Mikro version.

Along with the introduction of Maschine Mikro, Native Instruments also announced iMaschine, a new iPhone / iPod / iPad app that allows people to make beats while on the go, or at home on the couch. It will be able send any beats created over to the full software versions making iMaschine a virtual pocket drum machine for creating sketch beats and transferring them to the full program.

Maschine Mikro sell at a street price of $400 and is available in October.  The iMaschine app will also come out in October at a price of $5.

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