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EA’s Madden 2012 picks NY Giants as Super Bowl XLVI winner in simulation

Radford C. Jan 30, 2012 0

Madden Prediction Patriots Giants XLVI Super Bowl

This maybe the best chance you’ll have at feeling like Biff from Back To The Future armed with the Delorean and the Sports Almanac. Madden’s yearly record in predicting the Super Bowl winners has mostly been spot on in terms of picking the winner but not the scores. It’s no doubt though that this prediction will definitely get Patriots fans annoyed. It’s important to note though that  Madden was wrong for more recent Super Bowls XLII and XLV but, for the most part, has been winning its predictions more than 70% of the time.

Since 2001, Madden has conducted simulations of the Super Bowl. If you’re wondering what the simulation predicted the score to be, check out the vid.

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