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Evoland Details Video Game History Through, Well, A Video Game

Radford C. Aug 28, 2012 0


Don’t let the screenshot fool you. Browser-based Evoland is an interactive history lesson where the game itself shows off how much video games looked terrible to something alot more pleasant.  As you play the game the game evolves from a limited 8-bit monochrome adventure into a modern game. Evolutionary, it is.

You start off with right and left controls, then unlocks more abilities which eventually will unlock the rest of the movement keys, colored graphics, sound, smooth scrolling and a ton more. From there you begin unlocking more game features, effectively evolving the game from monochrome to 16 and then 64 bit color and unlocking various game play features.

If you’re 12 years old and reading this, the game basically teaches you how much you take for granted playing today’s games in the latest PCs and consoles.

Evoland itself is short and can be played in about the same time you could watch a video covering the basics of various game changes over the last 30 years but actually playing the game and watching the evolution in progress is far more rewarding. Plus, it’s free. Hit the jump at the source link below.

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