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Exclusive: Don’t Text me. PingMe!! (Android/iOS App)

Tony Hannides Sep 7, 2011 2

A new cross-platform application for real time chat is now available for Android and iOS devices worldwide. PingMe is a service created by RadiumOne Labs, a San Francisco based company. With other popular chat apps in the market/app store, what does PingMe bring to the table? Ease of use and reliability.

Over a month ago, I had a previlaged chance to check out this application. With the help of my wife, we tested it’s usability over a few days. We’ve been accustomed to BBM, AIM, Google Talk and of course SMS/MMS. Once we downloaded the app, registration was simple and we were ready to go. One thing that is nice about this service is that it tells you when and if the other party has read your message (similar to BBM). Also, sharing your location is one click away. Like I said before, there are a few other popular applications for chatting like GroupMe, Facebook Messenger, Kik and Samsung’s future ChatON. I asked the RadiumOne team what makes their app rise above the popular app GroupMe:

GroupMe revolves around group text messaging. We’re establish messaging through data and are fundamentally a different product. Also, GroupMe only had a few hundred thousand users. While this space is crowded – it’s largely fragmented – and still looking for a true winner.

Gurbaksh Chahal (Founder, Chairman & CEO)

Here’s their press release:

RadiumOne Labs LAUNCHES PingMe

Cross-Platform App Provides Superior Alternative to SMS for Friends Who Want

to Share Messages and Pictures in Real-Time

SAN FRANCISCO, CA – September 7, 2011 – Today, RadiumOne Labs is releasing a free messaging app called PingMe Messenger that enables friends and family to message each other in real-time, no matter what device they use.

RadiumOne Labs, a division of RadiumOne, incubates first-party products for the publisher community they serve. Its first application – PingMe – is now available in the iPhone App Store and the Android Marketplace with more platforms to come.

Getting started with PingMe is easy. Users can connect with their friends through their telephone’s address book, Facebook, or the PingMe network. The registration process is dead simple – your phone number is your user ID, and you don’t need a password or hard-to-remember PIN to connect with your friends.

Here are some of the features that make PingMe stand out:

Real-Time Communication – PingMe allows friends to message and share photos at blazingly fast speeds.

Group Messaging – PingMe’s Group Chat creates dynamic circles and groups on-the-fly.

Cost – PingMe is free in the U.S. and worldwide and offers unlimited messaging. Compare this to the cost of SMS texts. (According to Nielsen, the average teenager now sends 3,339 texts per month.)

Geo Imprint – PingMe’s opt-in geo-location functionality lets friends find each other based on their location, making meeting up with friends easier.

Status Updates – Users can instantly let their PingMe contacts know what’s on their mind and check in with their friends via PingMe’s NewsFeed. In addition, PingMe tells you when someone sends you a message – even when PingMe is closed.

Security and Reliability – Every message is secured by an individual signature – guaranteeing messages are always authentic.

Say goodbye to expensive text messaging charges,” said Gurbaksh Chahal, CEO of RadiumOne , the creators of PingMe. PingMe is the best new way to stay connected, socialize, and share messages and pictures with your closest circle of friends when you’re on-the-go.”

To download and install PingMe, visit the iPhone App Store OR the Android Marketplace and search PingMe” or visit

About RadiumOne Labs

RadiumOne Labs is dedicated to creating products that enable open, social, and real-time communication across the Open Web and Mobile Internet, including white-label solutions that help extend a publisher’s reach into the mobile messaging space. RadiumOne Labs is the development lab of RadiumOne, the first online ad network to leverage social data on the Open Web and Mobile Internet. Its patent-pending ShareGraphâ„¢ technology meshes traditional targeting technologies with social sharing connections to achieve highly scalable engagement and audience targeting. To learn more about RadiumOne Labs, please visit


LTG’s tried this app from Android to Android but we have yet to try out the iOS app. Stay tuned for a video review of PingMe over iOS and Android!

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