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Impressions of The 84″ LG Ultra Definition 3D TV – LTG @ CES 2012 (Video)

Tony Hannides Jan 11, 2012 2

LG ultradef TV

Whoever said “too big is too big” never saw the beauty of an 84″ Ultra Definition 3D TV. While we were in the LG booth at CES, we couldn’t miss out on checking out this awesome product. First of all, the size of the TV is so large, it had its own section in the back. Even though I’m not totally convinced that 3D TVs will flourish in the consumer market, I was very impressed.

The picture quality is unparalleled. It boasts 8 million pixels which is four times the normal HD resolution. In addition to the screen and the Cinema3D capability, LG’s also added their new features with Google TV, Smart TV, their Magic Remote and voice control. Check it out:

So if you’ve been convinced that this is the TV in your future, you’ll be happy to know that LG plans to release this to market sometime during the summer of 2012. However in regards to price, we’re not sure yet.