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Facebook and Spotify possibly teaming up on music service

Radford C. May 25, 2011 2

Facebook may have a pseudo-official music service thanks to a behind-the-scenes partnership with the Swedish-based peer-to-peer music streaming company. According to a Forbes leak, the plan would load both the desktop app and also a direct streaming option through Facebook itself. A social side would exist and would allow for friends to listen together.

Prices would likely stay the same or have a paid Premium service that would sit along with the free service.

The deal wouldn’t involve cash and would only be limited to those European countries where Spotify exists, such as Sweden and the UK. Expansion to the US would likely bring it over. A launch wasn’t confirmed but could come as soon as two weeks from now.

For Facebook, the Spotify link would give it a true, if not directly controlled, music service that it has wanted but been unable to achieve. It has partly counted on iLike’s recommendation system and at one point had explored the idea of using’s Internet radio. The social network hasn’t strictly planned to compete with services like 7digital or iTunes as of yet.

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  • Sean Wilburn

    Hell, maybe I should come up with my own music service.

    • Radford C.