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Posting on Facebook Creates Mob Outside Innocent Man’s Home

Victor B. Dec 23, 2010 2

In a world where the spread of information is instantaneous, most of the time we see benefits, especially for news or commercial purposes.  In this case we see this go horribly wrong for one man.  Please note, even though names and pictures are shown on the linked sites, we are purposely leaving them out to help promote his anonymity.

Flyers, text messages and posts on Facebook walls were identifying a 24 year old Philidelphia man as the “Kensington Strangler” the serial killer believed to be responsible for the murders of several women.   A Facebook group, “Catch the Kensington Strangler, before he catches someone you love,” also showed his picture.  The group has subsequently been taken down.  The source of the allegations are unknown.

Police came to the aid of the man after large crowds started gathering outside his house.  He was cleared of the case after taking a DNA test.  The police also went public that he is not a suspect and not linked to the case at all.

This unfortunate incident for one man can be considered a blatant misuse of technology.  Lucky for him his innocence was proven.


  • Danamarsh97

    Sucks that stupid people are on Facebook too.

  • Waqas Ahmad

    Never underestimate stupid people in large groups