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Finally, You Can Freeze Yourself in Carbonite!

Victor B. May 10, 2012 0


A cool new attraction is coming to Walt Disney World during Star Wars Weekends.  Its called “Carbon Freeze-Me” and you can have your likeness put on an 8 inch block posed like Han Solo encased in carbonite from “Empire Strikes Back” and “Return of the Jedi.”  Participants will have to call and reserve in advance, then they will be 3D scanned in a “carbon freezing chamber.”  It will take 4 weeks to get your slab of carbonite, but don’t worry, you’ll be able to take home a cool light up wrist band.

How much would you pay to be immortalized in carbonite?  How about $100?  The attraction starts May 18th at Walt Disney World and is only available for four weekends.

If you live far from Walt Disney World, this 1:4 scale Han Solo in Carbonite with lights by Sideshow Toys might be a good consolation prize for $300, if you factor in travel.

Via »BuzzFeed