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Flash for ICS? Adobe Says Yes

Tony Hannides Nov 21, 2011 0


There were some rumors circulating that stated the new Samsung Galaxy Nexus had no Adobe Flash support. We already know that Adobe is abandoning developing Flash for the mobile platform. Today, Adobe announced that they would have one more software update that would support Ice Cream Sandwich Android 4.0. Adobe stated:

“Of course, with the growth and continued improved browser support of HTML5, the role of Flash will change. For the foreseeable future, Flash offers advantages in delivering premium video with content protection, as well as providing a high performance, feature-rich and graphically advanced gaming platform. We are focusing our Flash Player efforts around these areas.”

However, the future of Flash on the mobile platform is coming to the end. Instead, Adobe will continue to support Adobe Air:

“We are continuing to develop Adobe AIR for both the desktop and mobile devices. Indeed, we have seen wide adoption of Adobe AIR for creating mobile applications and there have been a number of blockbuster mobile applications created using Adobe AIR.”


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