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Frām: The iPhone Case With a Personalized Photo

Tony Hannides Jun 20, 2012 0

fram case

We’ve reviewed many different cases and covers for the iPhone 4/4s. Even with all the different makes and models, they have something in common: you can’t customized. Sure you have different colors and materials, but if you really want to make the case your own, you need Frām. Currently a Kickstarter project, Frām allows you to take any photo you want, cut to size and you’ve got a one of a kind case.

fram dog

Frām isn’t just for looks; made up of super strong polycarbonate and 2 rubber grips on the sides, you’ll protect your phone in style. It has a built in template for you to trace your photo so there’s no guesswork (don’t worry, it’s all straight lines). In fact, with successful funding, the team will develop and launch an app to help scale photos specifically for this case. And the case isn’t just for photos; you can write down notes for yourself as well.

fram notes

Right now, the project has 30 days to go with a goal of $30,000 to get production underway. As a reward for becoming a backer, pledge at least $15 and this case can be yours if they reach their funding goal. I looked online and Amazon sells a similar case for $30 however, it isn’t has well made. Check out the video and see for yourself:

Via »KickstarterProject