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Fuji 3D cameras on sale now

Victor B. Dec 14, 2010 0

Yes. They're out there.

The 3D format has been around since the 1950s thru various incarnations. It was a very special niche then and was casually tossed around as a gimmick. Then around the mid 1980s 3D started to make a resurgence. Furtherinterest gained with the birth of IMAX and Disney’s involvement. Today we see 3D movies with every new movie release and 3D HDTVs on sale albeit at double the cost of a standard HDTV.

Now, Fuji has jumped into the fray with cameras (Fuji Real 3D W1 and FinePix Real 3D W3) that take 10 meg 3D images. Fuji outfitted these cameras with the prerequisite two lenses and dedicated CCDs to create depth in the pictures. Pictures are processed using the Real Photo Processor 3D that controls all aspects of the camera from focus and brightness to color tonality, and then merges the left and right images in a single 3D image…..”. The images can then be viewed on the large 3″ rear monitor of the camera immediately without special glasses. You can also view the images via the 8″ 3D LCD Monitor that is sold separately. The 3D images can also be viewed on the new 3D HDTVs with the Fuji Film FinePix HD Player HDP-L1.

These have been available for a few months, and clearly these are aimed at early adopters. But we are seeing a move towards consumer 3D technology.

A little searching online you can find reviews on the W1 and find very bad reviews like this one from Akihabaranews, labeling it “The Worst Camera Ever Made.”

What’s the point of this post? You can bet we are going to check out the Fuji booth and others at CES to see this for ourselves, and find out how Fuji and others plan to make this easy for consumers.