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Fujitsu Wants to Take Old CD and DVDs to Make Laptops

Victor B. Aug 17, 2012 0

Blank CDs

As we move away from physical media such as DVDs and CDs, what can be done with all those discs?  How about repurposing that plastic into new laptops?  Fujitsu today announced that they are developing a recycling program to collect those discs of old to incorporate into their Lifebook line.

The first laptop model to partially use this new plastic is the LIFEBOOK P772/E for the enterprise market coming out in summer 2012.  With this recycling program Fujitsu aims to reduce “annual plastic usage by more than 10 tons and CO2 emissions by 15%.”

While the recycled plastic will only be a part of the front panel, hopefully this will be a great way to make use of those old Aol discs and coasters.

Via »Engadget