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Funny “End of the world” tweet confessions on Twitter

Radford C. May 21, 2011 2

Check out our 2012 Mayan Edition of “End Of The World” tweets we’ve compiled here.

If you just woke up it may have slipped your mind that the world is, or was, actually ending today. Yeah. We know you’ve been busy. But Judgment Day? Yes. At least according to an 89-year-old retired engineer called Harold Camping. That didn’t stop the rest of the world from leaving some tweets.


I was late on my loan payments because I knew this was gonna happen!
The only sure-fire way to avoid a mortgage prepayment penalty


My baths ALWAYS have bubbles.

Every day I throw peppers in my own eyes just to prepare them for the day I get sprayed.


I’m a cyborg from the future sent back in time to prevent the end of the world. MISSION ACCOMPLISHED


if the world is going to end at 6 tonight, i would want to be at the casino when it happens


I’ve actually been to Narnia.

Niallianhaslett Niall Haslett

I did simply walk into Mordor.

iamkakarookee Cal

I occasionally listen to video game music. okay. I love video game music.


Luke, I am your mother.


I was on the grassy knoll


Arnold #Schwarzenegger is my dad too!


I lied to my wife. I told her our insurance would NOT cover a breast reduction.


Dear world could you please wait until 10:30 to end. I don’t want my last hours to be spent at subway


I am afraid the only rapturous event experienced today happened in my pants


I was Vin Diesel’s stunt double on Fast Five


It can’t be the end of the world, I still have checks in my check book

Jesus (yes Jesus has a twitter account)

It’s not over ’til “I” say it’s over.

Yes Osama, it’s only you this time…and you’re at the wrong gate.

I’m too humble. That’s my problem.


I once got a boner watching Full House.


I was the drag racing against Princess Diana!


I told Macho Man there were no more Slim Jims when I was holding the last one behind my back

Then there were some tweets after the fact…


how do I recall my screw you email to my boss?

Jay_C_926 JEFF

Just great. I cussed out the CEO on Friday…


steve jobs: I AM STILL GOD!!


I survived May 21, 2011. I Am Legend!


If you’re still here, so is your bad credit

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