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Game Companies Fight Piracy With Free To Play Games

Andrew Lee Aug 29, 2012 0

Pirate ShipGame companies are venturing into rising markets that were previously ignored to avoid piracy, with a new plan that utilizes free to play games. This information comes from a recent report from Bloomberg.

Free to play games are games that players have the option to pay for extra comforts within the game. An example of this business model is Zynga, one of the companies who pioneered free to play, is set to push sales in markets with less disposable income.

Electronic Arts is also made it known that the latest “Command and Conquer” game will go free to play next year. Since its induction 1995, the franchise has sold over 30 million copies.

A well known company, Ubisoft Entertainment SA, has also shifted into free to play by announcing seven free to play games this month at the 2012 Gamescon in Germany.

Frank Gibeau, president of labels at EA commented about free to play saying:

“With the growing availability of mobile devices and PCs, the number of potential customers is rapidly expanding, especially in emerging markets. The free to play model makes our games accessible to these audiences.”

In addition, Geoffroy Sardin, Ubisoft’s chief of marketing and sales commented:

“Online games are a way to stay in connection with players and tie them to our products. It is a service that adds value to gaming and thereby incentivizes players not to get our games through illegal channels.”

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