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Gamestop Planning Game Streaming, Maybe a Tablet

Victor B. Apr 3, 2011 2

With its recent purchase of Spawn Labs, Gamestop is planning a videogame streaming service similar to Onlive, to work on multiple platforms, like PC and mobile devices like tablets, through a web browser.  A demo was shown streaming Little Big Planet 2 and Halo:Reach in real-time, so these would be actual console games streaming from an XBox360 or PS3.  You may even be able to use an XBox 360 controller hooked up to a laptop to control the games.

It looks at first this would be a subscription service that will allow streaming after a physical purchase of the same game.  So you can play Little Big Planet 2 on your PS3 at home after you buy the disc and then play it on your laptop when away from home.

Gamestop is also talking with tablet hardware manufacturers about maximizing the gaming experience by possibly connecting controllers by Bluetooth.  They would also most likely sell these Gamestop optimized or branded tablets and controllers in their physical and online stores.

Gamestop is also trying to aquire Impulse, which is a digital download service for PC games, much like Steam, and shows how they are trying to get a huge share of the video game digital distribution market.  If and when this happens, could this be the one platform to rule them all?

VIA Dallas News 1,2, PC World,Electronista

  • Radford Castro

    That's really interesting. I did see Gamestop trying to acquire Impulse. It sounded like an answer to OnLive. That is a trip.

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