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Get a Galaxy S III for Verizon With an Unlocked Bootloader

Tony Hannides Jul 10, 2012 0

This is exciting news for developers who want to use Big Red’s 4GLTE network on their new Galaxy S III. Currently, if you buy a Galaxy S III in retail locations, the bootloader is locked up. This means developers, ROMers and modders cannot fully customize the phone. You can force the unlock but that voids the warranty. However, via the Samsung Developers’ website, developers can buy a Verizon Wireless Galaxy S III with an unlocked bootloader. Before you get too excited, this model is not only unlocked but also off contract; it’ll cost you a whopping $599. However, if you’re used to buying unlocked GSM phones from Europe or Asia, that’s the going rate. This phone is NOT for the normal consumer so don’t buy it for dad (unless he’s an uber geek). Samsung didn’t mention when the phone would be available but we know it’ll happen soon. We’ll let you know as soon as we find out.

Via »Phonescoop