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Get Google Wallet on Your VZW Galaxy S III

Tony Hannides Jul 30, 2012 0

google wallet

As you may know, Google Wallet probably isn’t going to be available for any Verizon phone for quite some time. And until Big Red gets their work together with ISIS, their customers won’t be able to use any NFC payment system in the wild. Luckily, some Android hackers have made it possible to download the Google Wallet app on VZW Galaxy S III devices. Unlike the other Google Wallet APK we had for the VZW Galaxy Nexus, this time you’ve got to root/hack your phone. If you’re not comfortable doing so, don’t bother. Otherwise, head over to the XDA Forums via the link below and you’ll see a step by step guide showing you how to get Google Wallet on your VZW Galaxy S III device. If you are successful, let us know!

Via »Phandroid

Via »XDA