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Getting To Know CISPA (Infographic)

Radford C. May 2, 2012 0

CISPA (Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act) is a piece of legislation that was voted on last Thursday by the House of Representatives. Now the bill has been placed on the table of the Senate and faces heated controversy from the internet and further modification from its primary sponsors if it hopes to gain support from the White House. To date, the Executive Office of the President anticipates that it will veto the bill.

According to White House officials, the bill would allow “broad sharing of information with governmental entities without establishing requirements for both industry and the government to minimize and protect personally identifiable information.” If the statement alone does not adequately describe what CISPA is all about, Greg Vokes of provided a more visual representation of the answer by providing a infographic titled  “WTF is CISPA?”. Check the jump on the image below to get a dig on what CISPA is all about.

WTF is CISPA Infographic

Credit: Greg Vokes of