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Gmail Now Crowned King Of The Largest Email Services

Radford C. Jun 29, 2012 0


With more users converting from other email clients, Gmail has taken the reigns from Yahoo and longtime leader Hotmail as The World’s Largest Email Service. To date, the service now hauls 425 million active monthly users. Hotmail announced 360 million users a year ago and we presume that this number has not significantly increased since then. Hotmail, has been at the top for 15 years.

“Gmail, which launched in 2004, has evolved from a simple email service to the primary mode of communication for more than 425 million active users globally,” wrote Google SVP for Chrome and Apps, Sundar Pichal.

The new leaders crowning could be credited to the recent activations in Android phones, which require a Google account in order to access the search giant’s app store, Google Play. Google said at its I/O Conference keynote on Wednesday that 400 million Android phones have been sold thus far.

It’s arguable that many people could have multiple accounts. Still, the figure is an impressive number – a fifth of internet users in the world.

Interestingly, comScore paints a different picture of the service where Gmail is placed third behind Yahoo at 298 million monthly unique visitors and Hotmail’s 325 million. However, the company admits that it did not point out visits that would include smartphones, tablets and cybercafes.

Via »Venturebeat