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Google Announces Fiber for Kansas City

Tony Hannides Jul 26, 2012 1

google fiber

Google is starting its pre-registration process for customers to start taking advantage of Google Fiber. Google isn’t just a search engine, it’s also an internet and/or TV provider as well. For now, it’s only available in Kansas City, MO and Kansas City, KS and for only a $10 deposit, you can get your name on the list. Mind you, just because you’ve registered doesn’t mean you’ll get Google Fiber. It’s up to the “Fiberhood” to have enough registrants to coax Google to install fiber lines. So you kind of have to talk to your neighbors to get them on board (or show them the videos below). To entice customers to sign up for the higher tier, you’ll get a free Nexus 7 tablet.

So if you live in Kansas City and you’d like to get super fast web, sign up and choose one of the following packages:

  • Gigabit Web + TV for $120/month
  • Gigabit Web for $70/month
  • Free Internet (requires $300 construction fee or $25/month for 12 months)

The free option is guaranteed to be free for at least 7 years but you only get 5Mbps down and 1Mbps up. Luckily there’s no data cap (hello Comcast). The other 2 options have 1GB up and down, no data cap but do require a 2 year contract. You’ll get 1TB of Google Drive storage and the construction fee is waived. Remember, none of this will be a reality unless the whole community gets involved. This can help schools, hospitals and libraries get free internet so there is a good cause to all this. However, Google would be watching your every move online and TV. As for the TV channels, check here to make sure your favorite one’s included.

Hope the residents of KS make this a reality for their community or Fiberhood.

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