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Google Buys 1,000 Patents from IBM

Tony Hannides Aug 1, 2011 0

from  It seems that the Nortel patent deal that Google lost stirred up some commotion over at the G’Plex. On Friday, they were reported to have purchased 1,029 IBM patents. Google did not mention how much the patents were but it seems that it was a good business idea. Previously, Google only owned under 1,0000 and now they’ve doubled their portfolio. Google’s general counsel Kent Walker wrote:

“The tech world has recently seen an explosion in patent litigation, often involving low-quality software patents, which threatens to stifle innovation. Some…are motivated by a desire to block competing products or profit from the success of a rival’s new technology,”

Obviously, Google understands the “patents game” and is willing to play. Also, nothing was reported as to what these patents were related to but at least now if a company uses them, Google has means to sue. Honestly, this patent war is a cold war. You must be ready for battle.


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