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Google Drive Will Launch With 5GB For Free (Rumor)

Tony Hannides Mar 30, 2012 0
leaked google drive launch page

Image Courtesy of Phandroid

We’ve talked about Google getting into the cloud storage game for over a year now. Last February, some users were already getting a glimpse of what Google Drive might look like. Since that leak, we really haven’t heard anything. Other companies like Dropbox and Box have been upping the anti by offering extra storage for free. So when is Google Drive launching? We still don’t know. What we do know is what the launch page might look like and that it might give users 5GB of free storage. This would be a pretty big improvement over Dropbox and match what SugarSync and Box give their free users. Some speculate that Google will launch this service in April; that’s less than a week away! As a devote Dropbox user (I’ve got almost 8 GB of free storage), Google’s UI and sharing interface needs to be as good or better for me to want to switch. Would you? Or are you afraid of Google snooping at your private documents?

Via »Phandroid