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Google Introduces Handwrite for Google Search

Tony Hannides Jul 26, 2012 0

Google has introduced a new way to search: handwriting. Instead of typing or talking to your device, you write on the screen. This isn’t an app for your device, it’s a setting change on the front page of Google in your mobile browser. Once you’ve made the settings adjustment, you still have the ability to type or talk, but now you can start to write too. And it doesn’t have to be in the search box; Google will figure it out. Currently, this new feature works on Android 2.3+ devices and iOS 5 devices. It would be a ton easier with a stylus but either way, it’s nice to be able to write your search query. Or is it? Do you think Google is taking 2 steps back with handwriting when the future is obviously getting into voice controls? The one benefit of this new feature is it makes it easier for people with verbal or writing disabilities get their search done.

Via »GoogleBlog