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Google Opens Up The Android YouTube API to Developers

Tony Hannides Jul 7, 2012 0

Youtube Logo

Currently, if an Android developer wants to show a YouTube based video within their app, it’s not so easy. With the combined force of coding Flash and HTML or a link which leaves the app, it can be done, but it is a few extra steps. Google has now made it 10 times simpler for developers to embed videos within their 3rd party apps. As a developer, you can also give full control of the video within your app. The fact that Google has opened up these APIs for the YouTube app will make it much easier and developer friendly to create apps for not only smartphones, but also tablets and GoogleTV. In fact, this open API will be supported even in Froyo. The API will of course support monetization if needed. Just think, it’ll be much easier to watch those YouTube videos people share within your Facebook or Twitter app.

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